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  • Preparing You for Success

    Even before classes start you are part of a community! 

    Summer Student Success Programs - The Academic Excellence Academy is now BISON BOOTCAMP! The Intro to Legal Writing Course gives you a head-start.

    Entering Student Scholarships - Do you show exceptional academic promise?

    Financial Aid - Get your BUCKS in a row and minimize your debt load.

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    Southwestern really prepares their students prior to entering law school. They have a legal writing seminar and an academic excellence academy. Southwestern offers a bunch of events that really allow you to network with faculty and alumni.

    My favorite for admitted student events are the bus rides that we do. For students not only to begin to see who they're going to be in class with, but to actually begin to get a look at some of our graduates and the great work they're doing. We typically go to the courthouse and meet one of our alums who is on the bench.

    The network at Southwestern is so expansive. I attended the Latino Law Students Association's "Bienvenido brunch." So I came in already with contacts.

    Our financial aid office on campus is very beneficial. They really meet the specific needs of each and every student.

    Really simple application, too. It's one application to apply to a huge number of scholarships. And as a single mom, of course, I'm always thinking about finances and budgeting. And through the scholarships here I didn't have to worry.

    We're a school that will look at students who may not have traditional backgrounds and say, if you've got the smarts and you've got the heart, if you're interested in becoming the best lawyer you could possibly be we're interested in you.