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    It's fairly easy for students to get involved here on campus.

    The Student Bar Association is an organization on campus that's run by students. There's plenty of organizations within the school and under the SBA umbrella.

    There's a part of orientation called Table Day, and that's where all of the student organizations try to get the future 1Ls to know about their organization.

    We have the Armed Forces Law Society.

    BLSA, which is the Black Law Students Association.

    MABA which is the Mexican American Bar Association.

    LASA, which is the Latino Law Students Association. The Persian and Middle Eastern Students Union.

    The Golf Society, which I have been part of starting.

    The Women's Lawyers Association of Los Angeles.

    And of course, students can always start their own organizations if they want.

    These organizations hold events throughout the semester that are open to the student body.

    The Latino Law Student Association puts together the Hoover Toy Drive, which consists of anywhere between 700 and 800 students, and we purchase a Christmas gift for each student every year.

    I encourage all future students to join clubs and groups on campus.

    Some of the biggest benefits are networking, getting to meet not only the peers on campus, but you also get access to a lot of alumni that you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

    Mentoring is part of any involvement in any student group. It's always facilitating the growth of other students and your fellow colleagues.

    There's different opportunities across the board for whatever your interests are.