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    Some SCALE Fun Facts:

    • SCALE entering students start in June (the other J.D. programs start in August

    • SCALE students are guaranteed an Externship

    • Even though SCALE has a rigorous format, you can still participate in student groups and honors programs

    • SCALE students are able to create a focus area by personalizing their coursework

     More SCALE details here.


    The SCALE program at Southwestern is the first of its kind of all the ABA schools.

    I'm not going to lie, it was very surprising, where I was like, "are you sure that I can learn everything in two years?" But you really actually can. The SCALE program is basically a two-year accelerated JD.

    Part of how a two-year program works is efficiency. You have to use your time wisely. But the SCALE program is a cohort, so you're with the same group of students for two years. And to me, the advantages of that are incredible, because you have an opportunity to build relationships with the other students. And from what I know about the other programs, I would still say it's the best, as opposed to other schools where they may just let you stack on extra classes to graduate early.

    Most employers want to hire people who already know how to do something. And so there are two externships in the program, and that was terribly important in thinking about putting this together.

    The main difference between a traditional program and the SCALE program is that you're in school all year round. So you're learning the exact same thing, just in a shorter amount of time. But they've scheduled the flexibility for any student to do whatever they want to do. Like, for example, I am in the Trial Advocacy Honors program. I've been able to compete, join a clinic, I was able to study abroad in London, which was awesome. And you really can do whatever you want in SCALE, making sure you get where you need to get out of your law school experience.