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  • Honors Programs & Journals

    Southwestern is a formidable competitor at the national level in all of the honors programs:

    Top students with scholarly aptitude and ambition have three student-edited journals to consider: 


    When students enroll, they're put into or select one of three tracks. You have negotiations, you have moot court, and then you have trial advocacy. So what that means is that you're going to be in a class where you're working towards a work product that you're then going to use in a competition-- in an intramural competition in one of those three bands.

    The competitions, they're fun. They're a lot of fun. And it's such a unique experience, because people don't understand when we go into a room and we're all business, and you sit down at the table and the judges are literally this close to you, and you're hashing out a deal and trying to be an advocate for your client based on facts that-- you have no idea what the other side is working with. And so it's exhilarating.

    Other than the contest-based honors programs that we have, there's Law Journal and Law Review, and those give students opportunities to do academic research and to write papers for publication, or to assist in that process through editing and research with other people's papers.

    It's another opportunity to participate in something that's different than just day-to-day classes. For me personally, it was extremely important, coming to Southwestern, that I take advantage of all these extracurriculars that are available to me here.