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  • Faculty Highlights

    Our favorite part of making this video was watching students try to pick a favorite faculty member.  They couldn't!  Some students could narrow it down to three or five...

    Hence, this vid had to be edited for time.  

    Our profs are known for being approachable, brilliant, and entertaining. 

    Peruse Prof Profiles:


    Choosing my favorite faculty member is a really difficult question, only because so many of them have--

    That passion and charisma, but also just this really great pedagogy, which is just a fancy way of saying they're good at teaching. So a couple of teachers that really pop to mind are Professor Carpenter--

    Michael Dorff.

    Professor Hart.

    Professor Heilman.

    Professor Jay Gendron.

    Professor Gharakhanian .

    Professor Isabelle Gunning.

    Professor Esposito.

    Professor Calnan.

    Professor Seki.

    Professor VanLandingham.

    Part of why I love and respect them so much is the fact that I am their TA, so I've been able to see not only how they work in the classroom, but I actually have the opportunity to see how they prepare outside of the classroom and the dedication to their students.

    They have a way of breaking down the information that makes it easy to understand and to apply.

    Just the detailed feedback they gave me on my advocacy skills, and just-- they really-- they ultimately changed my life.

    To have those type of faculty members that you can go to and really connect with on a myriad of levels is really special.