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  • Clinics

    Southwestern has NINE (9) Clinics  You can actually practice law (under the supervision of licensed attorneys) and help real people. Nothing impresses potential employers more than actual experience. 

    Public interest clinics serve at-risk communities. They include Immigration, Children's Rights, Street Law, Removal Defense, and more.

    Read about the Youth Offender Parole Clinic's recent major victory here

    Our HFPA supported Entertainment and The Arts Legal Clinic provides pro-bono services to emerging creatives.


    The clinical program here at Southwestern Law School has one really definitive main goal, and that is to make sure that our students are ready to be lawyers from day one. We have a really great range of clinical offerings here at Southwestern Law School. It ranges from children's rights to immigrants' rights to family law.

    We also have criminal defense work, appellate work. So students learn about how to assess community legal means. Our community base is a collaboration with California State University, Northridge, and we run a legal clinic there. Any legal issue can walk through our clinic door.

    We also have the public service program. There, students can get hours and credit to earn a distinction on their diploma if they complete a certain amount of hours by the time they graduate. Our Public Service Law Committee actually funds summer placements with legal organizations. So students will propose their summer placements and strategically choose cases and types of legal issues that our community needs also.

    Really, the great experience is going out into the community and working alongside lawyers who are really working on cutting-edge issues here locally, statewide, or even nationally. It's to help them really learn how to be lawyers, the day-to-day, the big picture, and everything in between.