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  • We Are Diversity

    We Are Diversity Southwestern’s mission is to produce highly skilled graduates who are capable of integrating theory and practice to meet the evolving challenges of contemporary law practice. Through excellent faculty committed to promoting the highest level of professionalism, Southwestern seeks to create a vibrant, diverse academic community dedicated to a student-centered approach to legal education.

    A Vibrant & Diverse Community – We are proud of Southwestern’s rich legacy of multiculturalism and access.  Southwestern is one of the country’s most diverse law schools. Our community welcomes students from every U.S. state and about twenty nations. The Fall 2018 entering class is: 

    • 46% Diverse
    • 52% Women
    • 38% First Generation (in her/his family seeking post-secondary education)
    • 27 years old (average age)

    Diversity Awards

    • Law School Admission Council’s (LSAC) 2018 Diversity Matters Justice Award
    • LSAC 2017 Diversity Matters Award
    • Eighth on National Jurist’s Honor Roll for Most Diverse ABA Law School in the U.S.A.
    • Prelaw Magazine: Top schools in all three categories of Best Law Schools for Hispanics (2nd ), Asians (8th), and African-Americans(18th)
    • Above the Law: 10th in Top Law Schools with the Most Diverse Graduates
    • Only law school to receive California State Bar Organizational Diversity Award
    • Into Diversity: Only law school to earn Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award seven years running
    • More Mexican-American Bar Foundation Scholarships than any other Los Angeles’ Law School

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    The student body here is very diverse. People of all backgrounds, races, families, cultures, frame of reference. It has definitely opened my eyes to how people view the law in general and then entertainment law specifically.

    For me, it encourages me in the sense that we have these different nationalities and cultures actually learning the law and then becoming future attorneys and future policymakers. I think we need more of that-- different voices and different cultures out there representing America and creating policy because that's what America is. It's a mosaic of all these different nationalities and Southwestern really embodies that.

    Of course Southwestern has been recognized again and again. We are typically among the top 10 or so schools for racial diversity in the country year in and year out. Last year we received the LSAC's top award, and this year we received the first Diversity Matters Justice Award.

    It is a highly competitive environment law school in general. But here, it was very friendly, very, very uplifting and encouraging, which was great to see.